Norval Park Church of Christ
Getting to Know Us!
Our History
The earliest record of the congregation of the church of Christ at Norval Park
is from 1919, when a group of brethren purchased a lot on the south side of
Arch St. August 15, 1920 the building was complete and dedicated. The cost
were kept low due to the generosity of the members money, time and talents.
Construction of a new building at the 845 Arch St. site began in April of 1956.
All skills needed for the construction were present among the members,
mason, carpenter, plumber and electrician. The job was supervised by Harold
Williams and his brother Richard Williams. Again because of the time and
talent of the members cost were low. The cost to build the new building was
$60,000., it was appraised $150,000. The first service at the new building was
held, February 22, 1958.  In February of 1982 a dedication of an addition was
held. Again most the work for this addition was completed by members, who
spent many hours at the building using their talents to save the church money.
Following the practice of the Lord's church in the New Testament. Each
Sunday our worship consist of Singing, without instruments, Praying, to God
the Father through Jesus, Reading, of the scriptures given to us through the
Bible, Communion, The Lord's Super and Giving, a free will offer giving as
we are prospered.
About Our Church
The churches of Christ are nondenominational and have no central
headquarters or president. We believe the only head of the church is Jesus
Christ. We have elders as is instructed in the scriptures. (I Timothy 3:1-7
and Titus 1:5-9. As well as deacons. (I Timothy 3:8-12)
What to expect when you visit